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To maintain your aerobic system, follow these guidelines:


- Contract with a Licensed Provider in Hood, Somervell and Erath counties.

- Keep your system accessible for inspections and pumping.  Avoid  landscaping around system and spray heads.

- Call your provider at the first sign of problems or system failure.

- Keep detailed records of your system, including location, make/model, capacity, license, installation date, service agreement, inspection reports and repairs and date pumped.

- Conserve water and repair any leaks to prevent overloading.

- Divert other sources of water from the system.

- Familiarize yourself with how your system works to identify issues early on.

- Use ant killer if ants are found near the electrical components.

- Check chlorinator once a week to once a month (depending on water usage) and add chlorine as needed.

- Pump your system when recommended by your provider.

- Obtain required permits before making alterations to the system.

- Stagger laundry throughout the week instead of doing it all in one day.

- Only authorized professionals should clean or repair sealed components of an aerobic unit.

-Store chlorine properly to avoid damage to tools and electrical components.

-Refrain from using drain cleaners or excessive amounts of grease.

- Do not use your toilet as a trash can.  Do not flush tampons, cigarette butts, condoms, medication, etc.

- Do not use harmful chemicals and cleaners as this may harm your system and ground water, killing beneficial bacteria. 

- Do not use pool tablets as a disinfectant.

- Do not allow anyone to drive or park on the system.

Do's and Don'ts
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