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 The use of chlorine is essential to ensuring the safety of you, your loved ones, and the environment.  Furthermore, the use of chlorine is mandated by the state of Texas for all systems with spray application. These tablets are highly reactive and have been known to eliminate 99% of bacteria in under ten minutes when used in effluent before it is dispersed through spray heads or a dripline.  If you live on the lake and have a drip system, chlorine disinfectant is also mandatory.  In all other areas, it is highly recommended.                                                                                                           
It is important to note that swimming pool tablets should never be used as a disinfectant. These tablets dissolves at a slower rate and do not effectively disinfect the effluent. Furthermore, there is a risk of explosion when using these tablets, as they can release a dangerous gas called nitrogen chloride. This has happened to one of our customers in the past, resulting in a destructive incident. Additionally, it should be noted that the use of pool chlorine is not EPA approved. The appropriate number of tablets to use per month may vary based on water usage and the number of people living in your household. It is recommended to regularly check your chlorinator and add tablets as needed. Chlorine tablets can be found at most hardware stores or at Coleman Aerobic.


Does my system need chlorine?
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