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There are a number reasons why this happens. 


1) Lids on system are too low and rainwater is running over the top, leaking into the system. 

2)  Risers are not properly installed.

3)  Risers don't have adequate sealant.

4)  A cracked tank.

5)  Improperly sealed inlet and discharge lines.  

The system is designed to manage a specific amount of water.  If the system is not watertight, the rain water can enter the system and flush non-treated effluent onto the surface.  If you have a dip system, rain water can push solids to the drip filters, causing them to plug and possible system failure.  


1)  Look at the ground over the tanks to see if a depression has developed where rainwater could accumulate. Rainwater infiltrating the system can overload the treatment components.

2)  Evaluate the color and growth of grass around the tank.  Excessive grass growth and a darker green color than other areas indicates that the tank or piping is broken.

3)  If the tank has a riser, verify that it is in good condition and properly sealed to prevent rainwater from entering the system. 

4) Divert water away from system

5)  Be patient!  The problem will typically subside after a day or two.

6)  If  the problem persists, Call Coleman Aerobic.

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