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The system is carefully designed to handle a specific amount of water.  If there are any leaks or openings, rainwater can enter and flush non-treated effluent onto the surface, leading to potential failure.  If you have a drip system, rainwater can push solids towards the drip filters, clogging them and causing further issues.


There are multiple reasons for this issue to occur:


1) The lids on the system may be too low, causing rainwater to overflow and seep into the system.

2) The risers may not have been installed correctly.

3) Inadequate sealant on the risers could also contribute to the problem.

4) A possible cause could be a cracked tank.

5) Improperly sealed inlet and discharge lines can also lead to this problem.


To troubleshoot this issue, consider the following steps:

1) Check the ground above the tanks for any depressions where rainwater could accumulate.

2) Observe the color and growth of grass around the tank.  Excessive growth and darker green color compared to other areas may indicate a broken tank or pipes.

3) If there is a riser on the tank, make sure it is in good condition and properly sealed to prevent rainwater from entering.

4) Divert excess water away from the system.

5) Be patient; generally the problem will resolve itself within a day or two.

6) If the issue persists, contact Coleman Aerobic for assistance.

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