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Hood County Residents,

In the initial stages of our company, Coleman Aerobic Septic, we encountered numerous obstacles and invested significant amounts of time and money to meet all the necessary requirements. In the past, individuals seeking to enter this line of work had to demonstrate an elevated level of dedication.   

Nowadays, anything goes.  TCEQ, the law makers and supposed enforcement, along with Hood County have made it incredibly easy for anyone to jump into this business, making it feel like walking through a revolving door.   Enforcement is scarce, allowing individuals to exploit the system, including you as a homeowner.    To compound the problem, the health department receives minimal support and assistance from their superiors i.e.: Commissioners, County Attorney and JP. 

So, I ask, who enforces the rules?  Why do we have rules if they are not enforced?  More importantly, why are contracts required, other than to provide revenue to the County?  Where does the $20.00 “filing fee” go?  Does this money go to assist the health department because they certainly need all the help they can get.  Last time I checked, there are over 8,000 aerobic systems in Hood County alone.  At $20 a pop, that’s 160,000.  At the very least, these questions should raise an eyebrow.

Did you know that because of Hood County’s lackadaisical enforcement, many companies skirt the system, cutting corners and taking advantage of homeowners?   Many people, both providers and installers, have been pimping out their licenses, allowing someone with a Tech license to piggyback on theirs.   In fact, there are installers "leanding" their license to multiple people who are deceiving folks like you.  And to add insult to injury, Techs are now allowed to start and run a business – TECHS!  Why wouldn't they if it's allowed? Less time and money spent means quicker revenue.

Another individual was caught bootlegging and falsifying inspection reports, but somehow, he is still in business.   This person has been awaiting review by TCEQ for TWO YEARS!  You would think it would be a clear-cut case - break the rules, lose your license. Unfortunately, he is still out there conducting business and who knows what else.    There are too many "companies" that do not do justice to this industry, causing a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and rightfully so.  Do you think a company that practices deception will provide the service you deserve, or are they more likely to cut corners or distort the truth for greater profit?

In our view, the regulations and guidelines overseeing this industry must be significantly more rigorous and INFORCED!  After all, it directly impacts the well-being of our community.  The chaotic nature of our trade is nonsensical, and needs addressed.

Sadly, when proactive measures take a backseat to complacency, these are the consequences. Have you taken the time to check if the company you are considering possesses the necessary licenses?  Have you requested to speak directly with the person in charge of the business, the provider?  Have you asked for references or ensured they have proper insurance?  It's easy to assume that a company with a clever name and business card, persuasive language, and appealing website is trustworthy and qualified.  However, this is not always the case.

As a septic services company, we are deeply troubled by this flagrant disregard for the “loose” rules that should be enforced.  We have spoken with other companies who share our concerns, and we all agree that this has reached a personal level.  We expect you, as the responsible owner of an aerobic septic system who is obligated to hire a septic company, to share in our outrage.  

As a company that prides itself on adhering to the guidelines, I can assure you that we do not condone this type of misconduct.  Don't misunderstand me – there are companies out there who are legitimate and forthright.  Competition can be healthy and drives us to improve. However, when we are pitted against individuals who blatantly disregard the rules and regulations that govern our industry, they are no longer competitors but rather foes.

Each day, we field numerous calls from frustrated homeowners who are unable to reach their provider and have yet to receive necessary inspections.  We have heard from many homeowners that have delt with a Tech-run company that admittedly turns down work because they do not have the proper license.  WHAT?!?  I mean, REALLY!  There are many folks who simply move on to another company without taking further action. But it's important to be proactive and reach out to the Health Department, Commissioners, TCEQ or other relevant parties for assistance and resolution.  Share your outrage!  It’s time to take control!  Don’t settle for a reckless mediocracy, be proactive!  Together, we can make a change!

Thank you for holding your County Official's responsible,

Mitch and Tammy Coleman

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