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Hood County Residents,


In the past, individuals looking to join our line of work, aerobic septic service, and installation, had to demonstrate an elevated level of dedication.  However, nowadays, anyone can enter the business without any qualifications or necessary licenses.  Hood County's green light is flashing, welcoming every Tom, Dick, and Harry into the septic industry with open arms.


The supposed enforcers and lawmakers at TCEQ do nothing but shirk responsibility and pass the buck back to the county.  To make matters worse, Hood County Health Department’s superiors i.e.: Commissioners Eagle, Samuelson and Andrews, County Attorney, Matt Mills and County Judge refuse to back up the Health Department when enforcement is needed.  They are no better than TCEQ, profiting off of owners of aerobic septic systems.


So, I ask, who is responsible for enforcing these rules?  Why are they necessary if no one enforces them?  Furthermore, why do we need contracts, besides generating revenue for the County?  Where does the $20.00 "filing fee" actually go?  Is it being used to help the struggling health department?  The last time we checked, there were over 8,000 aerobic systems in Hood County alone.  At $20 a contract, that's a whopping $160,000.


These questions should raise suspicion.  I recently spoke with the county and discovered that this fee goes into their coffers, i.e., septic tax.  Why dishonesty in calling it a "filing fee"? And why target homeowners with aerobic systems specifically?


Were you aware that due to the lack of enforcement in Hood County, numerous businesses find ways to bypass regulations, neglecting proper procedures and exploiting unsuspecting homeowners?  Many people, both providers and installers, have been pimping out their licenses, allowing someone with a Tech license to piggyback on theirs.  Why wouldn't a Tech skirt the system if allowed? Less time and money spent means quicker revenue.  And we’d assume the license holders aren’t lending out their licenses out of the goodness of their hearts. 


Consider this: if a company is willing to bend or break the rules, can you trust them to provide the service you deserve?  Or are they more likely to take your money and continue their deceitful practices?


Another individual was caught bootlegging and falsifying inspection reports.  This person has been awaiting review by TCEQ for a year!  Despite how unbelievable it may seem, he is still permitted to conduct his business.  You would think it would be a clear-cut case - break the rules, lose your license.   According to the health department, there is a maintenance company with 70+ counts of fraud awaiting County Attorney, Matt Mills blessing to proceed with necessary measures.  We’ll see where that goes.


I could continue, but I’ll spare you the unpleasant specifics.  There are countless "businesses" that give this industry a bad reputation, leaving a sour taste in everyone's mouth, and it's completely justified.

In our view, the regulations and guidelines overseeing this industry must be significantly more rigorous and INFORCED.  After all, it directly impacts the well-being of our community.  The chaotic nature of our trade is nonsensical, and needs addressed.


We, along with other's, that follow the rules,  are deeply troubled by this flagrant disregard for the “loose” rules that should be enforced.  We all agree that this has reached a personal level.  We expect you, as the responsible owner of an aerobic septic system who is obligated to hire a septic company, to share in our outrage.  


Don't misunderstand me – competition can be healthy and drives us to improve.  However, when we are pitted against individuals who blatantly disregard the rules and regulations that govern our industry, they are no longer competitors but rather foes.


Each day, we field numerous calls from frustrated homeowners who are unable to reach their provider or installer and have yet to receive necessary inspections.  We have heard from many homeowners that have delt with a Tech-run company that admittedly turns down work because they do not have the proper license.  WHAT?!?  I mean, REALLY! 


Many folks simply move on to another company without taking further action.  But it's important to be proactive and reach out to the Health Department, Commissioners, TCEQ or other relevant parties for assistance and resolution.  Share your outrage!  It’s time to take control!  Don’t settle for mediocracy, be proactive!  Together, we can make a change!

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